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5 Best Korean Dramas

Updated: Jul 16

I have got this recent obsession of K-dramas and I have binged watched a ample of Korean series already on Netflix. Hence I thought I would go ahead and suggest the top 5 K-dramas in my opinion.

K-dramas are one of the most well made dramas, the direction to the casting everything seems to have perfect appeal to make your heart flutter.

Lets begin with the list

Fight for my Way - 2017 (Romantic)

This series is about how the couple survives hardships of adulthood without letting each other down. This story restores our trust in the fact that how important is it for life partners to be best friends first!

Oh My Venus - 2015 (Drama)

This is purely about a weight loss journey of the most charming women, how she tends to be a biggest support system to her love interest in dealing with life! This is one the most fast paced Korean drama that I have ever watched.

WeightLifting fairy Kim Bok-joo - 2016 (Drama)

This is a love story between the athletes and how losing her first love will make her realise love is nothing but comfort zone. The story makes us believe that women can be the stronger one in relationship by physical and mental strength. Its different and unique love story.

Best part about this drama is watching her eat so many chicken wings in short span of time!

Another Miss OH - 2016 (Romance)

This series is super intense and romantic. Destiny places a big role in everyone's love story, this drama just cant prove this to us in a better way!

What's wrong with Secretary Kim? - 2018 (Rom-com)

Lets get to the point, this show is a must watch because of Park Seo-joon AURA.

His confidence is mind blowing in the show, his funny side has really spiced up the show.

Binge watch these shows amidst the uncertainties in the world today!

Just for some fun and some reminders that life is beautiful!


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