• Raveena Singh

Comfort Zones - Learning to move out of it :)

Hello everyone,

Sharing my first personal piece of my writing here!

This is my first blog post ever. Hence have decided to start with the topic that is most related to me as of now. My Comfort Zone.

I am the midst of my first job change, the feeling of letting your comfort zone go and moving to another job and starting everything from scratch can be tedious.

I am constantly thinking of about how getting out of comfort zone can change me and improve me as person. I am sure we all have gone through things which has helped us evolve and grow as a people.

I am just in midst of the change. I was in very comfortable position for the past 3 years and now I have decided to make the change and go out of the shell. I am going through one hell of negative thoughts but somewhere down the lane I have feeling that I will have things figured out. Its the light in my heart and my mind that is letting me move way past all my anxieties and fears.

Having lead all my life with an anxiety disorder and learning to cope with it. I am hoping this new change, this new phase of first job switch will only spark joy in life.

I hope I can do well :)

To new beginnings!!


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