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Daily hustles - 9 to 5 Job!!

Updated: Mar 11

There are different versions to what people think 9 to 5 job is!! Most of them believe it's better to get out of doing the same thing again and again. Frankly speaking my point of view is tad bit different.

I absolutely enjoy 9 to 5 work life!! I like the fact that there is a routine. I like the way my day is planned and it unfolds. Ya sometimes you do face challenges but that's something you face in anything and everything! Isn't it?

Most of them feel that they can't remove time for themselves through this schedule.

Here are 5 ways I try to remove time for myself during my work days!

1. Waking 2 hours prior to the time you need to leave your house.

This will help you in getting enough time to wrap all the chores and start your mornings with scheduled rituals like writing a journal, meditation, working out. You end up spending a good time on yourself in the morning itself.

2. Download videos and podcast that you want to watch while travelling

Metro rides I consider to be the most of my me time during the day. I prefer reading, listening to podcasts and watching videos during this time as much as I can!

3. Avoid spending more hours on the couch as soon as you are back from work

This is the trick that has really helped me get my life sorted and waste less time in the evenings. Once I'm back from office around 6pm I come home and head straight to washroom I freshen and change into my comfy clothes rather than chilling on the sofa for long hours. This routine makes me feel fresh and motivated to get up and do the remaining household chores

4. Maintain a TO DO App

I always keep listing down things on my phone. Be it things I want to order, things that need to be done within a stipulated time or even minute things like grocery shopping. By the end of the day I make sure to check my to do list so that I'm aware what needs to ticked off and what I need to finish tomorrow.

5. Go 1 hour early to bed than the time you want to sleep

In this case if I want to sleep by 10 30pm I'm on my bed my 9 30pm. It's obvious that during sleep hours the human mind revolves around several things before entering into the rest mode. Hence I remove the extra hour for my mind to wander till the time I read and scroll through Instagram and go to bed!! I know it's an unhealthy habit of using phones during sleep. But we are all work in progress hence trying to work on it!

I hope you guys can find these small tips useful to enjoy your 9 to 5 hustles.💜


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