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Five Steps to Sustain a Habit!

I recently read this amazing book called Atomic habits by James Clear.

This book describes many steps to make our habits last long. This book not only covers how to build good habits but also teaches us on how to let go of the bad ones.

I personally needed a boost to get on with being productive and cultivate better habits for the future. This book will give you all the push that you need.

I am going to write about things that inspired me in this book. This blog is just for the ones who would give it a quick read to kickstart their good habits. But I would definitely recommend reading the book has it inspires you in a much larger way

  • Making Habits Easier - We humans always tend to take difficult paths and this also applies while we are trying to build a habit, we end up choosing difficult ones which don't last. The key to making a habit last is to keep it simple. For example: Instead of choosing to do vigorous workout on day 1 of your exercise routine, you just chose to do simple cardio of walking for 30 minutes. Habits can be modified in later stages once we begin to stick with them in the longer run

  • Time Allocation - Time allocation for habits has helped me build good habits. I was generally not a reader but by allocating time to read books every day for 30 mins, now it seamlessly feels a part of my routine which I do without having to push myself for it. We live in a highly processed world where everything is just a click away, we can order food by click or watch Netflix by just opening an app. It becomes very difficult to digress ourselves into the real world in a non- digital phase where time doesn't pass in a fast way! Hence it is always important for us to slow down and allocate time for important habits in our life.

  • Do keeping goals really help? - Before reading this book my goals were always long termed and most of the time I would drift apart from my goal very soon. After reading this book, it made me realize that breaking down goals into smaller habits is how you achieve that overnight success of your life. This book emphasizes on keeping up the streak of good habits rather than focusing or trying to achieve bigger goals in a day. Instead of focusing on losing 10 kgs overall, our goal can be to keep up with the streak of working out everyday and eating healthier meals. Our goals has to be broken down to daily habits which can ultimately lead us to a success curve.We need to process our mind to look for future impacts rather than immediate gratifications.

  • Habit Tracking - A lot of times habit tracking can be very useful yet at the same time be demotivating. We must remember that habit tracking is only useful when we are using the correct measurements to track our journey. For example: People trying to lose weight if they only use the scale as a matter of tracking their weight loss journey, it tends to be very demotivating - It is important for them to look at other measures like how they feel, how is their skin, how is texture of their hair, etc! Hence habit tracking can be a good mechanism of keeping us motivated only when we use the right measurements.

  • Habit Stacking - This is one of the best ways we can learn to keep up a habit. Habit stacking means arranging our habits in an orderly fashion that leads to making it a casual routine in our life. For example: Our morning routines - Wake Up - Brush - FreshenUp - Workout - Breakfast. By adding Workout in the immediately after freshening up we have stacked into our routine which should make it easy for us to do.

I hope by reading this article you will be inspired to read the book and at the same time also build some good habits with time! <3


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