• Raveena Singh

Saying a Goodbye - Letting Things Go Gracefully!!

Every time we think a job is a part of our life and not our life completely yet we get so attached to a job. Right now letting my previous job go has lead to me getting anxiety attacks to another level, there are so many What Ifs running in my mind. What if the new job doesn't workout, What if I fail at it, What if I miss my old job and want to come back all other kinds of What Ifs that can exist are their in my mind now!

Tomorrow is my last working day at my company, I have so many memories here. I want to leave this company with so much joy and positivity. I always believe I need to quit things gracefully no matter what. This goodbye is hard but Im sure it will lead to something very beautiful for me in the future!!

I am looking forward to my new job, but I also want to cherish and embrace my memories of my first job. My first job will always be a special for me!!

The reasons why humans can be the happiest creatures on earth is because we have the power to forget things!! Its very important for us to be grateful for this characteristics that we have!!

When we forget thats when we can go ahead and make new memories and cherish and live a better life ahead!!

Its time to let go gracefully!!


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