• Raveena Singh

Single Mother - My Version of Super Woman

Updated: Jul 16

When I was small I never realized the amount of sacrifices and compromises that my mom made on a daily basis just to see our family smile. She prioritized the smile of her family over her own for very a long time.

During my teen years I had a lot of anger over how my life was coming together I guess that's common with everyone. At this point in life when I have started working and juggling life together realizing the importance of work life harmony I tend to realize the sacrifices that my mom has done.

Whatever we are today as a family we owe it to my mom. Though we had our share of sorrows she never let that interfere with our joy. She always taught us that every little thing in life can spark joy!!

She challenged life at so many points and made us believe that no hardship can bring us down. If you believe in yourself and your hard work everything in life is achievable.

I am proud and glad to have such a strong woman in my life!! We are what we are because of her! We owe it to her!!

During my childhood she got me everything that I ever needed, even during financial problems she never wanted me to be jealous of other kids. So today all I can do is get her what she wants maybe even the smallest things like making her shop, getting her an ice cream or anything to see her smile. It makes my heart warm. It is all life is about.

Seeing her happy sparks the biggest joy in my life :)


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