• Raveena Singh

Words that hurt! - Be kind

This is a random post!

I realised we use words on our loved ones without realising what sort of impact it holds on our life.

I recently came across this situation, I realised in a fraction of seconds everything that I had done for someone through the years were discredited. The sacrifices, the compromises, the keeping your wishes aside for someone, every sweat and tear you put into a relationship can be taken away with just a few words. I am writing this post so that it at least impacts one of us and we realise using harsh words can destroy someone self esteem and someone courage towards life. When I was discredited for everything I had done, I literally could feel my life shattering in front of me!

We all are leading super busy life, we get carried away with various things happening around us. But whats important is knowing our people, knowing who have stood up for us. If our loved ones need attention, need the care it needs to become our at most duty to give them that! To make them comfortable. Looking at other people perspective is so important and these days we tend to forget that, Eg - You must have had a very busy day at work, but your mom had a dull day, just ruining her complete day by acting more cranky is just going to make things worse for both!. This is what I am referring to we might be going through hell in life but if we have a chance to make someone happy, to prioritize our loved ones then we need to go ahead and do that!

I believe my being kind by being there, we don't end up being bad to ourself or even being selfless for a while will credit us good in one or the other way.

Next time when you get cranky or annoyed or say mean things to your loved ones, just for second put yourself in their shoes, remember what that person has done for you, how losing them will impact you. It might be spur of moment for you but for them it might a moment they can never forget.

Be kind and spread great amount of happiness whenever you can!


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