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Work from Home Life

Right now the world is trying to cope up with a pandemic due to which most of the professionals are working from home. I am one of them.

Being a human resource professional work from home is a bit difficult to do as we cant meet our team.

But to be on safer side, social distancing is the one and only solution to fight COVID - 19

Hence we are all working from home. Working from home can go 2 ways either it is super productivity or you end up procrastinating all of your tasks.

Simple things that can help us get work from homes to be more productive also having a perfect balance of me time and work time. Here are few things which can make our work from home quirky and productive!

Follow a Morning Routine

No matter how much extra time you have had in your hand, instead of wasting it away make sure to have elaborate morning routine - It can something simply - be it eating your almonds, methi seed water, do a workout video, do your jump rope, have a healthy breakfast, journalise, mediate . Do everything that makes sure you have amazing start to the day.

Make a TO DO List

Always make a to do list at the start of the day, write down all the tasks that you need to accomplish. Its always better to make two to do list one for your personal and one for your work life. At the end of the day make sure you end up clearing maximum of those tasks, carry forward only the ones that felt difficult to manage it today

Hydrate yourself

Drinking water during work from homes is one of my biggest challenges. When I was in office I would make sure to have 3 litres of water a day but now Im just too lethargic to do that. Hence I force myself to keep a water bottle next to me so that I don't end up being dehydrated. Drinking water makes us feel happy and makes our skin glow through the day

PS : You can also drink a lot of herbal teas, it helps in keeping her immune system high during this time of pandemic!

Move around Often

Generally when you go to office everyday we have a high level of energy and our mind is sharp most of the time because we keep moving around while we think.

Work from home can let us reach a point of slump, it is important to maintain a routine and walk after every 30 mins of working. This will also help us get better creative ideas during work.

Video call with your colleagues - Virtual Bond!

This is something that I follow on regular basis, so couple of my colleagues and I get on video call on daily basis which we call it as "Our Sync" where we discussed what happened during the day and what are the challenges that we are facing. We end up feeling really refreshed after that, we certainly look forward to these calls on a daily basis.

This is how I am spending my self isolation days!


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